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Rising Stars: Meet Jazsmin Bryant of PG County, Maryland

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jazsmin Bryant.

Hi Jazsmin, it’s an honor to have you on the platform. Thanks for taking the time to share your story with us – to start maybe you can share some of your backstory with our readers?
My name is Jazsmin Bryant, creator of Epik Creations, LLC Graphic Design and Photography. I must say I have always been a very creative and think-outside-the-box type of individual so being an artist was destined.

I started taking pictures when I was 17 at Hampton University in a photojournalism class. That year for Christmas, my parents bought me my first camera, a Canon EOS Rebel T6 kit for the class and I automatically fell in love. I not only completed my class assignments, but I also began taking photos around campus for graduation, events, etc.

And while I was taking pictures on campus, I was also making flyers, t-shirt designs and logos for students and their start-ups/brands. I’ve always loved helping brands/start-ups bring their vision to life, so I came up with “Boost Your Brand,” a mantra that means your business/brand is forever evolving. I live to make sure the vision is accurately portrayed.

Epik Creations was born in 2015 with just a plain logo and a whole lot of ambition. It became an LLC in September of 2019 and has been in business with various brands and entrepreneurs for seven years. I absolutely love it!

Epik came from a nickname given to me by a dance instructor who said it perfectly described me, as it means “when something is so incredibly unbelievably unforgettable that words fail you.” It’s my mission to do the very best on every project, every shoot, every event and every design because I strive to create everything in an Epik way.

Through my photography, I strive to create memories for my clients that tell an Epik (unforgettable) story. Whether you remember that moment, that event, that graduation, that birthday or you don’t, you can always look back, see and/or laugh at that picture and reminisce on that moment in time with those surrounding you. That’s what I live for, to see you smile and to make memories worldwide that last a lifetime!

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle free, but so far would you say the journey have been a fairly smooth road?
Entrepreneurship tests you more times than you can count. There were definitely times when I felt like giving up but I just remember why I do what I do and that passion has never gone away, instead it’s grown through those times of doubt.

I also was so open to shooting and designing anything I could get my hands on, so at times it was difficult to hone in on just one photography niche that I wanted to grow in.

And with that, came the pressure to put myself into a box or figure out what category my art fell into, but honestly just do you and do it unapologetically.

That being said, I knew I wanted to be multidisciplinary. Even though it was difficult and expensive, I knew that I had to invest in myself and my brand. By investing in myself, I was supporting my passion and purpose, which are two of the reasons that I am still running a business today.

Alright, so let’s switch gears a bit and talk business. What should we know about your work?
I am a professional photographer and graphic designer through my creative business, Epik Creations, LLC. I consider myself to be a multidisciplinary artist. I learned long ago that I absolutely just love to create, bring visions to life and genuinely tell stories through my art. Photography is more than just a picture for me, it’s an image that I curate for someone else that could last them a lifetime!

Many people don’t know this but my passion for photography and the reason why I still create is for my great-grandmother, who passed away from Alzheimer’s. Watching her lose her memory was heart-breaking but seeing my family show her pictures and then to see her smile was when I realized that I wanted to do that for someone else. I wanted to create with a purpose. I wanted to create photos that someone could show to their loved one to put a smile on their face. That’s why I do what I do and that passion has sprouted up in a plethora of different ways now as I create the unforgettable.

I’m most known for my ability to capture portraits at events and lifestyle photography. I can always find a good shot somewhere from someone. My clients and supporters love that I can capture moments so quickly, even in a sweaty place that’s packed like sardines lol.

As far as graphic design I am also multidisciplinary, though I am mostly known for branding logos, flyers, websites, illustrations and animation.

I am most proud of the growth of Epik Creations, LLC. It’s been a journey since 2015 and it’s nowhere near the middle or end, that is something that I know and that God has destined for me.

I am also very proud of myself for those times I stepped out of my comfort zone as an artist (like in those sweaty packed venues) and produced great work. It is very important to stay true to who you are no matter how much this world tries to change or mold you and I can say that’s one thing I am undoubtedly proud of!

I try to stay away from comparing myself to other artists in my arena because there is room for ALL of us and each artist has their own purpose. However, if I were to say what sets me apart, it would be the things that make Epik what it is today, not self-centered, filled with drive, creativity, personability, adaptability, professionalism and most of all…FUN!

Each day brings something new to discover and learn, but I’m definitely on the right track. Epik Creations, LLC is a brand that cares about its clients and their brands by making sure that the results align with the vision and are both relatable and beautiful. This is a business that is owned by a Black woman, who creates the unforgettable worldwide…that is Epik Creations, LLC.

Can you tell us more about what you were like growing up?
Haha, I was a creative in the craziest of ways; like mixing (non-alcoholic) drinks in the kitchen. I was funny, both outgoing and shy, a big-hearted young woman who was always creating random things or drawing cartoon characters.

I was the captain of my basketball and soccer teams, a player on all-star basketball teams, I played softball and ran track for a year. I can definitely say that my family has always been a fan of sports, lol. Therefore, I naturally grew to be very competitive, and I still am. I always want to make sure I give everything that I do, no matter how big or small, 1000+ percent! My determination has only grown stronger throughout the years, especially when handling my creative business. I never want to be able to say “Man, I could’ve gone harder!” or “Why didn’t I do this or that or add something here?”

I was raised to be myself and never let anyone or anything change me into something/someone I’m not, and that goes for Epik Creations, LLC as well. My family has always supported me and my ambitions and goals! I would not still be here if it wasn’t for my family, my supporters, my friends (really family that isn’t blood) that never left my side and God’s grace.

My mom told me that as a child I would walk up to / be friendly with total strangers for mostly no reason but to say hi, lol. That has trickled down to today as I have always loved meeting new people with great energy! I have never been the type to judge anyone, even as a child, and I pride myself on being very passionate and genuine. I was always taught to go after what you believe in, never give up and keep your trust in the Lord.

Most of the time I’m out, I’m networking, doesn’t matter where I am, and at times it doesn’t event feel like “networking” but instead “creative collaboration”. I find it beautiful to collaborate and work with a variety of entrepreneurs on top of a myriad of clientele. Like I said, there is room for us all!

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Image Credits
Photography and Graphic Design by Jazsmin Bryant, Epik Creations, LLC. My Personal Photo taken by Phillip Moore Jr.

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