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Conversations with Jennifer Manning Plassnig

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jennifer Manning Plassnig.

Alright, so thank you so much for sharing your story and insight with our readers. To kick things off, can you tell us a bit about how you got started?
I have always adored all that the earth creates; from the smallest flower to the vast oceans and mountains. Observing and listening to nature, collecting rocks, and being creative are some of my fondest memories from my childhood. I would spend hours in our backyard garden that my grandfather lovingly planted every year, watching and listening to the earth. I was so curious about all things that were in my surroundings, including the rocks.

My passion for stones and crystals was encouraged and deepened during the geology curriculum of my seventh grade science class as we learned how the earth created and formed crystals over eons. During the next 12 years, I switched gears and focus by honing my ability to listen to others. I completed my graduate program for Social Work and began a career in deeply listening to clients’ souls’ truth, assisting them to understand and heal from their life’s difficult experiences. I received advanced training in Hypnosis, EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, Process Acupressure, and various energy work modalities.

I was brought back to my love of stones when my husband and I made jewelry with these gems as gifts for others. I was hooked. Concurrently, I entered a period where I deepened my exploration with spirituality and intuition. This is when my love of stones, my imagination and creativity, my love of the sacred, and my passion for listening merged.

I met someone on my journey who introduced me to a unique way of arranging stones and crystals in which you could hang them to adjust the energy within a space, a body, or a soul. When presenting a gift of a hanging crystal to one of my spiritual teachers, she explained that I handed her a Talisman for the soul. It was then that the inspiration for Souls Talisman Crystals was created. I had never thought to sell these creations as I had just enjoyed creating them and working with the stones.

I started participating as an exhibitor at art shows and mind/body/spirit festivals. I have since been invited to sell my creations at BeBlends in Sykesville, Maryland, Remnants of Magic in Sterling, Virginia, and Illumination in Michigan. I also have a robust custom design part of my business. This is where I can really put my intuitive abilities and knowledge of the emotional arts to use by creating just what the customer wants and needs, even if they did not know it before they contacted me.

I realized that my experience and practice with the spiritual and emotional healing arts were an integral part of why the Talismans I created spoke to people and inspired them, even if they had no experience with this. Each hanging crystal, crystal grid, and Mala necklace I create is infused with love, joy, devotion, and inspiration.

Working with crystals is an extension of a deeper listening that I am committed to practicing every day in both my private and professional life.

We all face challenges, but looking back would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?
The journey of Souls Talisman crystals has been an interesting road. On one hand, working with the beads and crystals, dreaming of new ideas, and being creative are just a part of who I am. It is like breathing. When I sit down to create, the inspiration just flows. The challenging part is the time management, work/life balance, saving enough to have the highest quality stones in stock, and the hours it takes to participate in the creative shows that I exhibit my creations on the weekends.

Another challenge is that my creativity can overflow. At times, I get flooded with ideas, which takes me from the current project I am working on. At those times, I stop what I am doing and meditate, listen to music, get a cup of tea or listen to a podcast to recalibrate and refocus on what I am doing at that moment. This creative flood of ideas is a blessing and very positive when I can harness it and save it for my next project. I keep a journal that I write these ideas down as they show up in my awareness. It frees up my mind to stay focused on the present moment.

I love meeting people and being in direct contact with my customers. I am grateful that my husband and son help me at the craft and Holistic shows that I participate in. I have spent much time assessing where I put my energy, and I have learned to only participate in the body/mind/art shows that resonate with my mission.

That process has taken several years and included participating in many events. I have learned to listen to my intuition which guides Souls Talisman Crystals to the most resonant event and place to be a part of. However, I am so grateful for all the experiences, as it has helped me hone what I do stand for and what I do want.

Alright, so let’s switch gears a bit and talk business. What should we know about your work?
At Souls Talisman Crystals we create one-of-a-kind, intuitively designed hanging crystals, Driftwood with hanging crystals, Mala Necklaces, crystal grids, gem elixirs, and Guided Meditations with an open heart. Each item is made with the focused intention that the owner will receive love, balance, and achieve an inner connection with their soul.

Only high-quality gemstones are used in each item that is created. Each stone supports a specific meaning and has a particular frequency, which can support the owner in that specific way. As a result, each Talisman is made with that focused intention of the unique stone. I also hold the intention that the owner will receive love, balance, and achieve an inner connection with their soul.

The guided meditations Include Brainwave Entrainment that utilizes Theta Binaural beats in the music. This is associated with right-brain and subconscious insightful thinking, deep relaxation, and mental imagery as well as meditation and REM sleep.

I am also a Clinical Social Worker with a private psychotherapy practice in Howard County. I specialize in Somatic Psychotherapy, EMDR, Hypnosis, and Energy Psychology techniques. My two businesses work with a deep process of emotions and support the most positive outcome and healing. I use my ability to listen deeply and intuitively to guide people to find their deepest truth and knowing.

What has been the most important lesson you’ve learned along your journey?
This journey has stretched and challenged my creative edges. As a result, it has shown me parts of myself I had never worked with before. This continues to evolve as Souls Talisman Crystals grow, and my ideas expand. Also, as I continue to deepen my skills as a psychotherapist, my level of awareness and creativity are positively affected in the creations that I make.

I have learned so much about the meanings of stones (and continue to do so). I have learned about how to run a business which is not something that I was taught in college. I utilized the resources at the community college to teach me about all the important pieces that are needed to be a successful business. I also learned that a successful person is surrounded by and employs people who support their vision and help them be efficient in the systems they establish.

I have also learned that work/life balance is so important when you own your own business. I have not perfected that piece and realize it is something I will always need to assess and work on. I realize and have learned, how lucky I am to have the businesses I have only dreamed about. Gratitude enables me to work the long hours that I put in and that energy is felt by those who know me and purchase my Talismans.

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