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Conversations with Dominique Henderson

Today we’d like to introduce you to Dominique Henderson.

Hi Dominique, we’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.
Growing up in an environment where creativity thrived, I knew no limits there. I thank God for the parents I was given to, because they always encouraged my siblings and I to explore our crafts, as well as provide a safe space for us to do exactly that, or took us to where it was encouraged. When we didn’t have anywhere to live, my parents always enrolled us in an arts program after school. Growing up in what many refer to as “humble beginnings” on and off for about 10 years (my fourth year in grade school to sophomore year in college) really instilled a gratitude for the simplest of things. It was through hardship that I dabbled in a wide variety of arts, from dancing, singing, and acting, to painting, modeling, and playing music. In my family, anyone would be sure to find God and the arts. My parents were also very encouraging in the area of entrepreneurship. With both of them having found their successful niches, it was without a doubt I would always end up selling or servicing something.

I remember my first lemonade stand, I made $100 on the first day.  I remember the fire department and local bus company that I lived nearby came and supported me! From there, I started selling custom-made bags, making clothes, and a bunch of other things. I loved that we were encouraged to do something like that at a young age. I honor my parents truly. They’ve instilled beautiful work ethic and characteristics coupled with the Word of God, in my siblings and I.

In 2019, I started making flyers for friends as a favor. Word caught wind and a lot more people were asking for flyers and graphics. I simultaneously joined the media ministry at my church and fell in love with doing themed graphics for their weekly social media posts.

So I went into prayer about this business and asked God what it should be about, how to start it, what my rates should be and etc. In our first year, we made $97. In our second year, we had a 5,598.89% increase in sales. Now, in our third year, we have had a 20,375.8% increase in sales, are an expanding company with hired staff and an evasive list of clients in a plethora of fields; All to which we have God to thank. We just launched our mentorship program called “CREATIVEPRENEURS”, for creative anomalies, who are multifaceted, yet need help with direction and planning effective steps toward accomplishing their unique blueprint for their business or passion.

Without God, my parents, close friends who hear from the Lord, discipline, prayer, and faith, I would not be able to say the following statement:

Hello, I am Dominique Henderson, founder and CEO of FLYERSDESIGNED & COMPANY LLC., a thriving faith-based graphic design company, where vision is made clear.

Amongst creating websites, flyers, logos, and custom stationery, we provide businesses and brands with the necessities they need to launch effectively, all the way down to business administrative efficacy. We set our clients up for success for the long haul. I truly enjoy being able to function creatively in this capacity. I really really appreciate my relationship with Jesus — because of Him, I house God in my heart (my mind, my will, and my emotions) and I am able to ask His Spirit for direction, creative strategy and wisdom for my client’s needs to meet and exceed them. I love that when I ask the Holy Spirit for help with a flyer, logo or website design, He always answers. God is the greatest business partner you’ll ever have. I am a product of that.

In May 2022, I experienced a concussion for the first time — I was also working part-time at two jobs. The concussion was pretty severe, yet I thank God I did not lose consciousness. It was in recovery from this concussion, that I was pushed to scale and automate my business. I was prescribed 4 kinds of therapy (balance, eye tracking, cognitive, & physical). Sometimes it’s still insane to believe I went through that and am functioning at a normal capacity now. I attribute that to my faith in Jesus and my praying family members and friends. I couldn’t walk by myself for the first month, struggled to finish my thoughts, was unbalanced to the point of dizziness and nausea, and was incredibly sensitive to light and sound. It just amazes me how after the initial impact, I drove myself home, got in bed, and went to sleep. I woke up the next day with an enormous headache and went to church (it was Sunday). I was scheduled to pray for our worship service and I did exactly that. Immediately after I went to the hospital where they said I’d sustained a concussion. My balance, on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the worst, was about 15.

Fast forward to October 2022, I’ve recovered and continue to recover smoothly. By God’s grace, my business has been increasing in clients and I truly thank Jesus for healing, love, grace, and mercy. I am now able to focus attentively in large crowds, listen to music at a normal volume and stand in the sun without getting a headache. I thank God for my business as well, because it is through my business that my cognition continues to be strengthened and sharpened. With the last quarter of the year coming to a close — I’m in AWE of GOD

I would’ve never imagined owning a graphic design company. I don’t take it lightly that God trusts me to help new and existing businesses launch or relaunch for their purpose. I am in awe of God, moment by moment.

We all face challenges, but looking back would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?
Smooth? No (LOL). Worth it? Absolutely. I’ve struggled with being disciplined myself. I am great at being disciplined for other people, yet what entrepreneurship does is unveil the areas you are weak in, areas you need integrity in, areas you need faith in, areas you lack trust in, areas you’re insecure in, and areas you doubt in.

It all just rises (lol). I’m glad though to continuously encourage myself in the areas I fumble. To have a healthy relationship with mistakes, ensure those mistakes or failures do not become misery but “much better” moments.

Thanks for sharing that. So, maybe next you can tell us a bit more about your work?
As the founder, CEO, and creative director of FLYERSDESIGNED & COMPANY LLC. I create graphics, logos, flyers, websites, custom stationery and so much more. I help brands establish and set themselves up for success for the long haul. I also do live-streaming, social media management, content creation, and consulting. Media and graphics have grown to be dear to my heart. I also founded a non-profit organization called Healed Studios LLC., to be able to serve my community and those around me. Coming from a history of homelessness, I desire to give back and impact my community greatly. I also home-school and pour into children when I get the chance.

I specialize in website design and flyers. I am known for teaching and helping. Whatever capacity it is in, I am helping or serving. I am most proud of the peace my clients have when they first meet with me — I attribute that to Jesus and I am most proud of being able to create with God daily. Jesus is who sets me apart. I’m not just a graphic designer, I am a Christian graphic designer, who desires to create the sentiments of God’s heart for your business, brand, or organization. When you know without doubt, fear or worry that God is FOR you (rooting for you and wanting the best of the best for you) partnering with Him… is sweet and the fruit is ripe.

We all have different ways of looking at and defining success. How do you define success?
Success = the will of God for your life.

Whatever capacity that is for you, it is true. Many choose to compare which career or path is more beneficial, more impactful, prettier, pays more, glamorous, etc. Our culture has a habit of attaching things that will fade away one day. I’m in a place now where all I desire is to do the will of God for my life. It’s expensive and dangerous to be outside of His will. I cannot afford it. How do I find the will of God for my life? I read His will (the Bible). From personally and professionally, to emotionally, I find His will for my life in His Word.

Success to me is living and doing the will of God for my life. There’s nothing sweeter; Everything else I enjoy stems from there.

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