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Meet Chris Smith

Today we’d like to introduce you to Chris Smith.

Hi Chris, we’re thrilled to have a chance to learn your story today. So, before we get into specifics, maybe you can briefly walk us through how you got to where you are today?
So, I’m a tech-savvy business person from London. Also had an eye for innovative technology and a passion for food (will come into that later). I’ve not also had this life, I’m from a council estate in Reading, England. Also had a football at my feet, that was my team until I was older and had a serious injury which actually lead me to go to university to train to be a physiotherapist.

I realised about 3 years in that once sport was my job, I didn’t have a hobby. But I’ve also been the kid that was sociable and had the latest gadgets. Football taught me a lot, how to communicate, how to battle hard, teamwork and much more. By the time, I was 30 I had already sold 2 successful businesses; one in the construction industry – helping construction workers find employment and a sports supplement company. After that, I had a think about what’s next, what am I passionate about and the answer – food, specifically spicy food! I’ve always enjoyed technology, how it impacts our lives, how it’s automating processes, saving peoples lives, changing people’s lives and so on.

I’ve also been one to enjoy learning about cultures, living in the heart of England, I get to meet many interesting people day, day out. What’s one thing we all enjoy? Food? So I’ve decided to combine my two interests together and create a YouTube review channel to learn more about how different cultures embrace spice into their meals. What’s the difference between Nigerian, Japanese, Asian, UK and American etc… spicy food? I’m now inviting guests to come to introduce me to their culture, or maybe invite me into their favourite restaurant and share with me their story. Spice isn’t always about how hot you can candle, for those spice addicts, we enjoy the flavour, different types of heat, we enjoy sweating (as much as it looks like we don’t).

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle free, but so far would you say the journey have been a fairly smooth road?
I think a lot of people enjoy the idea of being an entrepreneur, I’ve actually starting to hate the word to be honest with you, it seems to be the next trend. It’s a great thing if you’re like me, the brain is always thinking about the next time, It doesn’t stop. I would wake up at 3 am with an idea and have to get cracking. When you think of founder/Entrepreneur, you probably think of fancy cars, expensive holidays, savings, big house, etc.. you couldn’t be far further from the truth. You don’t see the hours they put in, the family events you miss, the amount of money you spend, the sleepless nights, the worry about how to pay for your bills, the time you have to let someone go and know this will impact their family, your family growing up but you don’t see it, you being in the room but never present, the hours of pure graft for no end goal… There’s days, weeks and even months you feel alone, your partner decides to leave you as you can’t give them the love they deserve and so much more.

You want to do more but there’s just not enough hours in the day to commit, my wife once sent me a calender invite to go get a coffee together, that’s how desperate she got to spend 30 minutes with me. I’m a guy 30 years old that just wants to be successful, what for? Because society wants you to think that’s how to be a man? To set up a life for my kids? To stop working and be financially secure? The honest answer, I don’t know really know but I’m addicted to this life of working.

There’s so many struggles along the way and would be here all day writing about them; Finding investment, sacking someone, when your platform breaks, when you get hacked, when your best employee decides to leave, when your co-founder does something unethical in the business… the list can go on and on.

Thanks for sharing that. So, maybe next you can tell us a bit more about your work?
I believe it’s my attitude to work. Something you are not trained in. Having a drug-addicted family member and acoholic parent + other things… I’ve trained in survival. I know how to get out of a bad situation, no matter how hard or tough it may be. I’m a pretty calm person 99.9% of the time (except when I’m watching my loved football team, Arsenal). Having discipline in the way you approach situations, having a positive mindset, cutting ties where it’s holding you back from your potential, pushing yourself every single day and most importantly be likable.

This may sound crazy but if you’re going to be an a** then people won’t help you, you may not be the best, fattest, easiest (or whatever-iest) but if people like you, they will help you. Be honest, be transparent, be yourself. I tell this to so many people but for some reason, it seems to be the hardest. I can tell when you’re not being honest or transparent, I would rather you tell me the truth when it’s not working, least I will respect what you say and like/value you. I have had people bend over backwards to help me. Why? Because they like me (well, I hope so anyways). They will open doors for me, they will promote stuff for me when I need it.

Can you talk to us a bit about happiness and what makes you happy?
This is a really great question. Many things; family, coaching people, my dog, my wife-to-be, my friends, beer, Arsenal winning, when my apps are successful. Is this enough? No. Long term happiness is what I strive for, right now, a lot of these things don’t get enough attention, so I’m never full content, as I’m trying to create a life when I’m financially free (unfortunately, you need money to pay for stuff), where I can then spend more time with the things I love.

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