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Inspiring Conversations with Krystal Salter of KMonetFitness

Today we’d like to introduce you to Krystal Salter.

Hi Krystal, thanks for joining us today. We’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.
My fitness journey began in August 2012 after having my first child. Starting at 240 lbs. post-pregnancy, I wanted nothing more than to just look in the mirror and have a positive self-image. I was experiencing symptoms of postpartum depression, which left me feeling hopeless, powerless, and totally disconnected from myself. It was rough! I would cry almost daily and then go feed my emotions with food. Honestly, it was a vicious cycle that I’ve dealt with for as long as I could remember.

A few months after having my son, my husband took me outside to jog around our neighborhood. It was like having my very own coach. He encouraged and spoke life into me each time we were out there. I would cry like a baby, but he would always validate how I felt and then tell me to keep moving forward. This is when my fitness journey truly began. I needed that support, push, and accountability to get started. I soon realized that the hardest part wasn’t getting started, the hardest part was keeping it going. It took me months to figure myself out and create some consistency with it all.

My brain was filled with so much doubt, but I had a choice to make. I could either allow my self-doubt to stop me dead in my tracks OR take action and push through it. After wasting a lot of time, money, and energy trying every fad diet, I finally decided to lock in and fully embrace this messy yet beautiful journey. Once I started working from the inside out, everything began to shift. Since then, I’ve lost 96 lbs. and gained a ton of self-awareness, confidence, and discipline along the way.

Through the science of macro-nutrition, behavior change, and exercise, I created sustainability. I posted my journey on social media and soon noticed that so many women were experiencing the very same struggles. I grew extremely passionate about helping the next women overcome, so in January 2013, I launched KMonetFitness with a personal mission to INSPIRE and EMPOWER women to CONQUER their bodies from the inside out.

In 2014, I took a leap of faith and resigned from my state job to pursue entrepreneurship full-time. Seriously, a leap of FAITH! I had no business plan at the time… just prayer, purpose, and passion. To date, I’ve helped over a thousand women from all over transform both mentally and physically through the 1:1 coaching experience.

Would you say it’s been a smooth road, and if not, what are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the way?

It has certainly not been a smooth road… I wish! Lol, but honestly, the bumps in the road were great learning opportunities. Again, I remember wanting to lose weight so badly that I bought into anything that sold me the idea of quick results. I’ve done nearly all the BS shortcuts, restrictive diets, fat burners, detoxes, body wraps, waist trainers, Herbalife shakes, you name it! Each time I started something new I would convince myself that this method would be the one that works for me… it would be my “fix”.

However, after gaining and losing the same weight repeatedly, I realized that none of those methods were the “fix” because they weren’t realistic nor sustainable. None of those methods helped me get to the core of my issues, improve my self-esteem, stop my habit of binging, or cure my anxiety around food. If anything, those quick-fix methods made it worse. They made me feel like a failure. I later realized that they weren’t designed for long-term success in the first place.

Through introspection, I discovered that I was an emotional eater and from there I explored why or how I became that way. I realized that my issue with food was deep-rooted and that I’ve been filling voids with food for as long as I could remember. It was my coping mechanism for those disappointments or losses that I never learned how to deal with. So, of course, it traveled into my adulthood with countless emotions to figure out.

My toxic relationship with food didn’t get any better until I worked hard day in and out to change it. It required me to be very transparent with myself and lots of behavior change. Those were two of the hardest things to do, but totally worth it because it turned my life around. My journey has helped me to heal and grow in countless ways and working through my struggles has prepared me to become the coach I am today.

Thanks – so what else should our readers know about KMonetFitness?

KMonetFitness is known for transformation! I help women who have 30-100+ lbs. to lose, do it responsibly and sustainably. My approach to weight loss is what sets me apart from other coaches. I teach my clients how to work from the inside out. As a coach, I understand that everyone’s journey is unique and deserves personal attention to detail in order to create long term success. I’ve taken everything I’ve learned and experienced from my own journey and created my proprietary coaching program, IGNITE.

IGNITE is an exclusive, high-touch, and customized 1-on-1 Online Fitness and Nutrition Coaching Program designed for highly motivated women who are ready to lose weight while prioritizing their mental and physical health. This program was designed to help women lose the anxiety around food, learn how to properly fuel their body through macro tracking, discover fitness they enjoy, improve their mindset, form a deeper connection with their WHY, set realistic goals, align their habits and behaviors, and celebrate their journey every step of the way!

I take pride in building each of my clients a customized fitness and nutrition regimen that is both realistic and sustainable so that their journey towards physical fitness truly becomes a lifestyle and results are everlasting.

Lifelong results are achieved when you no longer search for the “quick fix” and focus on building a solid foundation, brick by brick with the things that really matter.

Through 1:1 Coaching, each client will implement the major dial movers of the IGNITE framework which includes:

I-ntrospect, G-oal setting, N-utrition, I-ntegration, T-raining, E-valuation

What’s included when you join IGNITE:

  • Customized progressive fitness programming for homeorgym
    • Learn to read food labels and master macro-nutriton tracking
    • Meal planning for success
    • Weekly habit tracking
    • Bi-weekly group fitness class
    • Bi-weekly mindset homework submission
    • A supportive IGNITE Facebook community
    • Weekend check-ins with coaches’ feedback and weekly scale and progress pic submission
    • 1:1 end of the month ZOOM support call with your coach
    • Weekly “Sweat Check”
    • Full support, daily access, and very high accountability from myself and my amazing Co-coach, Raquel.

The IGNITE 1:1 Online Coaching experience provides you with the efficiency and accountability of personal training in a virtual space. #IgniteU.

We all have a different way of looking at and defining success. How do you define success?

When you work with KMonetFitness, success looks like breaking through those barriers that have been holding you back all along. It looks like restoring your self-confidence, becoming more self-aware, improving your relationship with food, learning to love your body, and accomplishing things you never thought you could. To me, success is defined by impact, not income.


  • $100 and up per month depending on client needs

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