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Community Highlights: Meet Rick and Natascha Weedon of Wealth Thru Wellness

Today we’d like to introduce you to Rick and Natascha Weedon. Them and their team share their story with us below:

Rick and Natascha Weedon are entrepreneurs passionate about making a difference in the lives of others. We share health and wellness information of great value not available in the mainstream, then coach and support those who decide to pursue their best health through our proven protocols.

We’re a husband-and-wife team, parents of 3 incredible humans (Niya, Jessica & Jaisal) that empower others through our Wealth Thru Wellness Project. A project designed to empower people physically and if appropriate, financially as well.

Rick is an entrepreneur who’s passionate about making a difference in the lives of others with the goal of leaving them better off than before they met him. He’s worked across industries (corporate, nonprofit, finance, higher education, business development) in his 30 year + professional career. Over the past several years Rick and Natascha have educated, coached, and successfully improved the health outcomes for hundreds of people. He’s a diehard Washington Football Team fan, a consummate reader, global traveler, fitness buff, youth sports coach, native Washingtonian, and graduate of Towson University, BA, and Howard University School of Law, JD.

Natascha was born in New Delhi, India, and came to the Washington DC/Maryland area at the age of 7. She grew up in Montgomery County, MD, and has traveled to many places in the world. She loves to travel and meet new people. She is an accomplished equestrian, an avid dog lover, and a connector of people. Some say she has the power of a “Pied Piper“of people. She shares: “My family is highly educated in the areas of arts, health, science, and business. As an entrepreneur, and a lone ranger in that area, I feel I am often misunderstood, not taken seriously, and am more of an out-of-the-box thinker that doesn’t always resonate with the more traditional trends; and that’s okay;  as my belief in what we do, the impact on people, and how lives are changing for the better, especially now, post-2020, it is creating a world where rising tides, indeed, lifts all boats.”

Natascha’s been in the Direct Sales industry for 15 plus years. She’s had incredible success through the years however became disheartened by the practices of the companies she was with that created boundaries and barriers that sabotaged community growth/wealth… that true meaning of “we rise by lifting others” was missing till now. Having been disgruntled by corporate America and the employee mindset, she was sure there was a better way, but even in this industry of entrepreneurs working together, it fell short of her expectations and desires to make a difference.

“That changed 8 years ago when my husband, Rick, was in a full-blown health crisis and one of my former colleagues told us about a fulfillment company addressing total wellbeing. Within 8 weeks, Rick had substantially reduced weight and turned around his health biomarkers that could’ve required doctor-prescribed medications/interventions. Fast forward to February 2020, where Covid-19 took over the world. Since that date, we’ve been running health-altering “11-Day Reset Protocols” that up-level people’s health and wellbeing coupled with community support that’s empowering and promotes people living their most authentic selves and dreaming again.”

Since meeting in 2010, Rick and Natascha’s passions have been driven by community empowerment, the power of leveraged income, and time/financial freedom. “Total wellbeing is huge for us. You can be super healthy body-wise, but if you’re stressed out because you can’t pay your bills, that’s still not healthy.” The dream of everyone living a life by design where one is working to live life fully and not living to work is the goal. And reaching down to lift others, regardless of their means, instead of supporting their desires and letting their dreams/health goals be their driver.

We look at it as bringing Generosity, Philanthropy, and Entrepreneurship together. The ability to bring people together in an accepting, loving, giving community is truly magical. Raising people up in their health, mind, body, spirit, and income such that we all, as a community can: do more, give more, be more, and have more. We are empowering people to regain and take control of their health and also coach people that it’s perfectly fine to be unapologetic about making money so that we have more choices and time for people and communities in need. When you’re able to serve and help someone and you see the impact on their life, it’s truly another level of accomplishment and satisfaction.

We partner with an incredible fulfillment company that embodies total wellbeing, both physically and financially to aid us with clinically proven, tested, clean nutrition. We utilize it in our 11 Day Resets, Whole Body programs, and other lifestyle solutions. In addition, it allows for a referral-based income that is unique and unlimited in a community growth-driven environment.

Our platform, Wealth Thru Wellness, puts us in the service of men, women, children, and families actively seeking better health. We teach, train, and coach proven health protocols that empower people. We don’t believe in diets and our outcomes far exceed the results from dieting and put people back in control of their wellbeing. As we’ve stated before, our ultimate goal is always to leave people better off than before they met us.

On another note, Natascha, also hosts and runs a virtual networking group called C4 Explosive Networking. It’s a heart-driven networking platform that began in person, over lunches and happy hours in the DMV area, and then we switched to virtual at the beginning of covid-19, March 2020. We meet twice a month to connect, collaborate, contribute, and celebrate (the 4 Cs) with a wonderful group of women and men. We represent all industries, from entrepreneurs, small business owners, stay home moms & dads, to change agents, and forward thinkers who share and support one another and/or just meet to get to know other great people.

Next on the Adventures of R & T, as empty-nesters, Rick and I are planning to do more travel. We’re excited to take both Wealth Thru Wellness and C4 Explosive Networking with us around the country and uplift folks we meet and connect within these areas of health, wellbeing, and uplifting their endeavors, it’s gonna be fun! Follow us #wheresweedon.

For more information about us, our Resets, other wellbeing solutions, how we can support your endeavors, connecting to others, our travel, or in any other way, please reach us at the contact information below. We’re so humbled and excited to be a part of this incredible publication; Voyage, which is the embodiment of what we’re doing in community empowerment. Thank you!

Would you say it’s been a smooth road, and if not what are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the way?
We believe that most, who identify as entrepreneurs, don’t choose the “smooth” road. We’ve had so many learning moments over our 8 years that have positioned us for the success we both desire. It’s been trial and error regarding best business practices, where to find customers/partners, effective marketing strategies, and systems that duplicate.

The silver lining for us with Covid-19 is we were able to address all the challenges we had experienced. It forced us to step up stronger, educate people on proven protocols, establish nurturing communities where we coached people through our protocols, and systemize our processes. We feel as entrepreneurs we’re usually swimming upstream competing with mainstream thought around health, wellbeing, and income, however, we realized people are starved for a community that empowers, uplifts, and supports, that’s what we offer. It is a safe place for people to learn, grow, and thrive which fosters ease and flow versus struggle.

And we wouldn’t be authentic and honest if we didn’t speak about the struggles of working together as a couple. We’ve been forced to grow, learning each other’s strengths and weaknesses which contributed to our challenges and ultimately our successes. We often hear people marvel over the fact that we can live, work, and raise children… TOGETHER.

What many don’t realize is it’s a process, a willingness on each of our parts to learn and grow as individuals and as a couple. Going through our challenges creates two strong, committed go givers who support one another unconditionally so that we can pour all we have into those who decide to join our community.

Alright, so let’s switch gears a bit and talk business. What should we know?
Our business is Wealth Thru Wellness. A project and platform centered on community empowerment; a variety of professionals tied together by their passion for living in healthier bodies and out of bigger bank accounts through the sharing of information. We all partner with our fulfillment company, which manufactures and distributes innovative, cutting-edge products that are clean, non-compromised, and clinically validated through independent third-party studies, scientists, and organizations.

The company’s mission is aligned with our Wealth Thru Wellness philosophy of providing strategies designed to uplift people physically and financially. Its mission is to heal people for true and total wellbeing and allows for a unique compensation strategy based on community growth coupled with the highest grade of nutrition and supplementation available.

We don’t diagnose, treat, or cure any illness however we specialize in offering wellbeing solutions designed to help people live healthier longer. We accomplish this by educating and coaching people through products and wellness protocols that work:

***ER Shred: An 11 Day Elimination Reset Shred is a nutritional dietary lifestyle empowerment protocol. (Not a Diet) By fully satiating the body’s needs we are able to take back control of the diet which is the common denominator of overall well-being. Food can either be your poison/pain, or it can serve as your fuel/fortitude. Come Alive and learn to “feel” your way to good health for the first time. Only YOU can do it! ER Shred provides the tracks to run on for ultimate self-discovery.

***Whole Body Reset: Another 11 Day reset protocol with a more mainstream approach but also addressing toxicity, nutritional deficiency, overweight and stress.

***Collagen & Telomere support products are unique and proprietary to our fulfillment company with incredible, visible results.

***Investment Strategy: A simple system that can create a solid 5/6-figure income stream utilizing wellness solutions combined with community referral building strategies. In today’s economy, this is a viable and creative option for busy small business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate / government employees, single moms/dads, millennials, teachers, healthcare workers, and others with a burning desire for physical and financial empowerment. In present times of pandemics, layoffs and furloughs this is an effective method to create recurring income over time.

***Other tailored wellness solutions available upon consultation.

We are industry disruptors and servant leaders. This means we’re only successful by lifting others and our strongest driver is service through information and coaching. We have yet to see any products and/or protocols that yield the results like the ones we support and coach. The ER Shred protocol is approximately a year old and has helped thousands of people take back control of their health, weight, inflammation, and several other biomarkers of wellbeing.

This protocol alone has given people the knowledge, freedom, and power over food culprits. We also have a unique compensation strategy that is not available elsewhere. A true “rising tides lifting all boats” philosophy.

We are incredibly proud of the fulfillment company  we partner with because of its commitment to the highest quality, integrity, and product development. We are also most proud of our ever-growing team; those with us on our Wealth Thru Wellness mission who are truly heart-driven to create out-of-the-box methods to empower communities of people everywhere.

Before we let you go, we’ve got to ask if you have any advice for those who are just starting out?
Our advice is for people to look at the ABCs of business differently, we define them as… ALWAYS BE CURIOUS! In business, the ABCs often means “always be closing” but we are not looking to “close” people, we are looking to “open” them up to new approaches to health, thought, lifestyle, mindset, income by embracing their dreams and desire to live out their BEST life.

We love educating, mentoring, and coaching people regarding solutions to live life by their design. We encourage people just starting out to ask questions, find mentors, and don’t ever quit the pursuit of their passions even if it means failing forward.

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