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Baltimore’s Most Inspiring Stories

The heart of our mission is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our communities. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some incredible artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with the incredible group below. Check out our favorite stories from across the Voyage family.

Akira Brown

I started braiding hair at the young age of six. As I found my love for hair, I began taking my first set of clients at the age of twelve. My clients at the time were family and friends but they still treated me as a little professional. At seventeen I began my first job at a beauty supply store which was a huge outlet for me. Working there, I started to explore by trying different hairstyles, I would have a new look almost every week. I gained a lot of clientele from that job because I was my own walking billboard. So I started taking clients after work and on my days off. Some at my home, some at their homes, even have some clients come to my friend’s house. After several years of obstacles, I now operate my own salon suite called Glam Amo Beauty Bar located in Belcamp MD (Harford County) available for everyone to come to take a seat in my chair or shop with me. Read more>>

Rauli Veras

My name is Omar Veras but you may know me as Rauli V which is my stage name. I’m a Dominican singer, producer, and musician who currently resides in Maryland. I was born in New York but moved to the Dominican Republic at the age of 10 because of my parent’s obsession with their Naguero roots. At the time I was learning how to speak both English & Spanish which cartoons helped me for the most part of this until I was introduced to music. I was eleven when I picked up a guitar after playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater on my PC 24hrs a day. That soundtrack shaped my world and swiftly after I started playing covers of bands like Thrice, Millencolin, Sum41, System of a Down, and Blink 182. I was a part of an underground movement happening in the 2000s in DR surrounding Rock, Metal, and Punk music which was a beautiful thing to experience. Bands like Nux, Altus Mortem, Santuario and Toque Profundo are the real reason I wanted to write original music. Read more>>

Ed Wheeling, Sr.

Well, I got started in the spirits industry because I was looking to invest. I read that you should invest in what you know and what you buy. While looking into investing, I decided to create my own brand and have someone invest in me. That’s when HUBRIS was born. I found a Maryland distiller that worked with me to create the taste and source local ingredients. HUBRIS is a black, veteran-owned company based in Maryland. Read more>>

Kaitlyn Wozniak

My career started while I was attending American University and studying psychology. I had battled an eating disorder for most of my young adult life and had every intention of becoming a clinical therapist in the eating disorder recovery field. While at AU, I discovered a cycling studio that reframed how I approached fitness; There were no metrics or talk about calories burned, it was simply about connecting to our mind and body through movement. I switched gears and became a group fitness instructor and personal trainer specializing in women’s fitness. And that, paired with my own pregnancy, organically led me to work with prenatal and postpartum clients. I now hold several pre and postnatal certifications and work also as a birth doula. Read more>>

Monte Sanders

I was at a place in my life where I was trying to discover my purpose. The one thing that I loved to do was exercise. As I continued to do so consistently, along with prayer I decided to get certified. One day, I was blessed to have an opportunity to work out with one of the greatest football players of all time, Ray Lewis. That was twenty-one years ago. I’m still in my purpose and have been blessed to not only be the trainer for two NFL Hall Of Famers, Ray Lewis, and Ed Reed but to thousands around the world online. Read more>>

Brian Lamont

My mom always loved fashion and she took me shopping every weekend. In addition, my dad always took me to a barbershop every week to maintain my look. Ever since then, I’ve kept that maintenance to this day. I’ve always been employed part-time in fashion retail and absolutely love it and it brought me to start my business in 2019. Read more>>

Umm-e-hani Anis

My Kahani begins in Sharjah where I was born. Then, three years and one brother later, my parents decided to move us to Cherry Hill, NJ. We lived in a one-bedroom apartment with barely any furniture and my mom stayed at home while my dad was the only one working. After a lot of moving around, we finally settled in Rockville, MD — a place I have called home for over 20 years.I started out as most South Asian kids do – aspiring to be a doctor. I did all the AP classes, internships, research, and hospital volunteer work but then eventually got to Organic Chemistry in college and decided that medicine was definitely not for me. Distraught, I came home to my dad and said, ” Now what do I do?” We decided that business – particularly finance – would be a good fit and turned out, it was. Fast forward to my senior year of college and with the help of my friends and family, I founded Anis Collections, a luxury South Asian bridal boutique that helps brides, grooms, bridesmaids, and groomsmen find their dream outfits for their big day. Read more>>

Randolph Wells, III

My public service journey began in 2009 when I started working for the Maryland Dept of Human Services in Baltimore City as a Family Support Worker II in the Ready by 21 programs where we helped teenage youth prepare themselves for the age of the foster care system at 21. It wasn’t until I was working for MDHS that I decided to get my degree in Human Services. Fast forward to 2018, I left MDHS and went to work for Humanim as an Employment Consultant for individuals who have developmental and intellectual disabilities, while there I had the awesome opportunity of getting 5 individuals employed in their dream jobs. This was around the time I started to get involved in politics when I was asked to join the campaign of Westly West a Pastor from West Baltimore who was running for the 40th legislative district delegate. I was the campaign’s volunteer coordinator. Read more>>

Rose Bowers

I always had an interest in the beauty industry since middle school when I started to explore makeup. For years, I would always get compliments on my eyebrows so I knew I wanted to explore the industry a little more. I started lashing in college but decided to focus on my degree instead. It was not until three years later when I faced a personal relationship hardship that I decided to touch into my creative side again and focus on the beauty industry. I began traveling and doing lashes on my days off from working in health care. I worked in two shops until I saved to get my own shop. I now have the pleasure of offering not only studio space but mentorship to other female entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses. Read more>>

Ciana Salisbury

I don’t remember a time that I didn’t have some kind of camera in my hand. I’ve always had a knack for photography, and it started with my father’s old Polaroid camera and my deep love for Mother Nature. He was going through some containers one day when he found it, and to both of our surprise, it was still fully functional. Since that moment, I had started photographing every corner and crevice of the Earth around me, near and far. My interest in the photo world only grew as I got older, so every Christmas my father would gift me some kind of camera. I’ll preface with the fact that my favorite modern time period is the 1960s and the 1970s, so I had an obsession with old magazines and photographs from that specific time. They just emanated love for me, which I discovered would become the foundation of my business. I liked to recreate those bits of nostalgia in my own photos, despite the subject of my lens, which is how I adapted my style. Read more>>

Danielle Glosser

My background is in the social justice arena. I worked in the private, nonprofit, and government sectors primarily on race issues. My expertise in strategic planning, project management, research, writing, and networking came from years of working and building relationships, including work with schools serving low-income communities of color in Oakland, California, and The White House. These professional opportunities – coupled with my personal belief that the arts are central to igniting conversation and enhancing human understanding – have translated into my current work to help artists with the business elements of their practices and to share their work with the world. In the past eight years, I have worked with more than 200 artists in 20 states. Read more>>

Addison Bartlett

We began in 2016 with myself, Addison on mandolin and vocals, Jason on banjo, and Jason’s cousin, Josh, on guitar. Jason and Addison both grew up in Bowie and played together in an Irish rock band called Stout Seven. After several failed incantations of a bluegrass ensemble, we finally made one work while relying on rotating bass players and fiddle players when possible. We didn’t grow up on bluegrass, but instead mostly punk, thrash metal, jazz, and blues. Regardless, the band honed its bluegrass skills in the vain of Jim and Jesse, Flatt and Skruggs, and everything Ralph Stanley. At the end of 2020, Cousin Josh moved to Florida where he lives with the love of his life and their adorable dog, TJ. Prior to Josh’s leaving, the band started playing consistently with Stefan Custodi on bass and picked up guitar player Cory Chubb for guitar. Read more>>

VFC’s Travels

My story of travel began when my parents moved us from New York City to a small town in Oregon when I was a teenager. Once I graduated high school, I started a career spanning nearly three decades that took me to dozens of countries around the globe. During that time, I experienced so much beauty in the world, with its people and places, but unfortunately, I also saw some of the worst that mankind had to offer. I started VFC’s Travels for a couple of reasons; Firstly, my grandmother, herself an immigrant who arrived in New York City through Ellis Island at 17 years of age, had suggested years ago that I keep a diary of my travels and document my journeys. At times, I kept a diary, but when YouTube became an option, I decided to build a channel so that my children and I could access our travels at any time from anywhere. The other reason I started VFC’s travels was to focus on the beauty of the world. Read more>>

Jallisa Arnold

I first thought about the idea of starting a catering business one day after a friend and I had eaten a delicious meal I had prepared. One of those types of meals makes you want to unbutton the top button of your jeans. I said to my friend “whew girl I am so full” and from there the name of my company was created “ Sofull Catering”. My friend and I were discussing ways to make more money, I was a social worker at the time and looking for a way out, due to the high level of stress and burnout that comes with that profession. Then my old college roommate and sorority sister reached out to me and told me she was getting married and wanted me to help her with the food. Everyone knew I could cook but I hadn’t developed my business professionally yet. I took this opportunity as a challenge and began ordering supplies for her wedding. This wedding was a test run and further confirmed that Catering was something I wanted to do part-time. I was renting the basement apartment from my aunt and uncle at the time and saving money for a down payment on a new home. Read more>>

Jen Wagner

I became an artist by accident. I failed art in high school and completely frustrated my teacher to the point of her telling me I didn’t have a visually creative bone in my body. That’s a long story but mostly I just saw myself as someone else and didn’t understand how dynamic we humans can be. I wanted to create a mosaic to preserve vases I had received after my grandmother passed. They all were broken from various mishaps about a year after I had taken possession of them. I contacted an artist that had come into my high school back when I was a student and she got me started. I hung out with her for a couple of days and she ended up hiring me and I worked with her for years while developing my own process. I hadn’t expected to love it, but from the very first piece of ceramic that I cut, I was hooked. I never understood that it would be my career and the great passion of my life, only that I wanted to create mosaics constantly. Read more>>

Nailah Queen

After suffering from the stress of the pandemic, it took its toll on my hair and body. I was losing my hair and my body was battling the after-effects of Covid-19. I wanted more protection for my body and to regrow my hair and my products did just that. I decided that the world needed these products, to help them battle the same things I’ve been battling myself, so Regally Insane was birthed. What started at my dining room table has allowed me the ability to offer alternatives and helpful products to my community, particularly African Americans. We are often overlooked when it comes to healthy options from food to medical care, and this allows me to make a difference. Regally Insane Hair and Body Health Line™️ is the perfect combination of healthy hair and body wellness products that help consumers to achieve overall body health. Read more>>

Alfred Mullen

I started 32 years ago in the hospitality industry as a teenage front desk agent then after I graduated (BIC) with a degree in Hospitality Management, I transitioned to food and beverage management then I spent 12 years active in Army National Guard while continuing to advance my hotel career to Director of Food and Beverage. Fast forward to 2020, I became more involved in fitness and became a personal trainer which is another passion that came naturally because of my army career geared a lot towards fitness and staying fit. As a result of being blessed to have multiple passions I came up with the concept to have private gyms and a cafe all on one level in one building that prepares food at its three healthiest levels for Vegans, Vegetarians, and Pescatarians and came up with the idea to birth what is now J.Corbin’s Vegan Fitness Cafe’. Read more>>

Marcus Owens

I originally came up with the idea with another co-host of mine Karwarn, my cousins April Grady and Tyrone Grady, and one of my closest friends Michelle Braxton. I didn’t want to just start a podcast like everyone else and just talk about today’s topics. I wanted to make it stand out, unlike anything I’ve ever seen in the podcast space. So I wanted to really highlight the beauty in Baltimore and show a light that isn’t just violence. I figured the best way to show that is to show the talented people & Black business owners; because there are a lot of smart creative people in Baltimore. The talent here simply gets drowned out with the cliche oh you from Baltimore. It’s like people stop even paying attention; let alone being a black business it’s already being marked as a subpar product when that’s definitely not true at all. Read more>>

Herbert Mallory

5/5/2017 is where my rap career began. My good friend, Russell (SaintRuss), was the first person to believe in me. I was and still am a huge fan of Hip-hop, but I didn’t see myself being anything more than that. And the momentum has been rolling and picking up ever since. Being a part of 25+ projects has certainly presented opportunities for me to grow and develop as an artist, with only room to improve and further perfect the craft that I love. Read more>>

Tara Cariaso

I grew up just outside of Baltimore city in the suburbs with my mother’s side of the family. I’ve always been fascinated with the electric energy created by live performance. In the first 20 years of my life, I was focused on being a composer and vocalist, performing rock, jazz, and sacred music. Eventually, I ended up at the University of Maryland in Baltimore County and got my undergrad degree in theater. It was there that I became passionate about physical theater practice and political theater practice. Also around this time, I started to notice how difficult it was for me as an Asian-American to the test. There simply were no roles for people who look like me. In order to work, I had to develop not only my technical performance skills, but also my skills in sharing and being an educator, skills in facilitation, and authorship. Read more>>

Michael Vichich II

My passion for detailing cars started when I was a child and would help my father clean our families’ vehicles on the weekends. I especially enjoyed cleaning his patrol car because it was fun and exciting for me as a kid. As I got older and was able to purchase my own vehicle. I took pride in the way it looked inside and out at all times even during the winter months. My passion for detailing cars has only grown greater over the years and when I became a police officer myself at the age of 23, I put an expectation on myself to have the cleanest vehicle in the department which I lived up to. In 2018, I started posting videos of me detailing my cruiser on social media platforms such as Instagram and was asked by my wife’s friends and family to detail their vehicles as well. Read more>>

Brittany Diggs

My passion for fitness and journey to weight loss started back in 2017. At the time, I was overweight and weighed 220 lbs. Food was my weakness and I wasn’t very active at all. During that time, I was going through a tough time in my personal life, and working out became my outlet. It was very therapeutic for me. I wanted to change the way I thought and the things that I was putting into my body. I started to keep track of my calorie intake and made healthy alternative decisions. I worked out seven days a week for at least 30 to 45 minutes. Over time, I started to see my body transform and I loved the results! I documented my workouts and health tips on my social media platform to encourage others in their weight loss journey. Read more>>


My name is Bukar, nicknamed Kar during my high school years in the city. I was born in West Baltimore but spent my life over east. At a very young age, my parents had me in every sport you could think of. Although sports was my life, I would always find myself gravitating toward art. Whether it was drawing, painting, rapping at the lunch table, etc, the need to create had always been there but the confidence in what I was making was something I’d have to work on. Later in my life, I picked upbeat making as something I wanted to do full time and photography as a hobby. Photography was cool because it was always nice to capture life and provide additional perspective/context on what has always been there. As my passion for photography and production grew, so did my confidence and I came to realize that I didn’t have to be behind the curtain to create. Read more>>

Calvo Music

I began producing at age 14 in 2011. I took a monitor my mother’s friend gave them in the basement & stumbled onto my eldest brother’s old desktop. One day, I decided to connect everything to see if it worked, and by chance, FL Studio 8 was installed on the computer. Influenced by a few who were shaping a new feel to Club Music sound, the work I produced for the next seven years focused on the dancers. By the year 2018, I decided to take remnants of things I began to create in 2016 and expand on it all, birthing a style called “New Club Waves”. NCW is a variation of genres I’m influenced by incorporated with the Baltimore club example I grew up on. The goal was to bring more relaxed, good feeling music to the scene that we didn’t have much. Read more>>

Calvo Music

I began producing at age 14 in 2011. I took a monitor my mother’s friend gave them in the basement & stumbled onto my eldest brother’s old desktop. One day, I decided to connect everything to see if it worked, and by chance, FL Studio 8 was installed on the computer. Influenced by a few who were shaping a new feel to Club Music sound, the work I produced for the next seven years focused on the dancers. By the year 2018, I decided to take remnants of things I began to create in 2016 and expand on it all, birthing a style called “New Club Waves”. NCW is a variation of genres I’m influenced by incorporated with the Baltimore club example I grew up on. The goal was to bring more relaxed, good feeling music to the scene that we didn’t have much. Within the last four years, the example has led many to travel in a direction we all aren’t used to. In a sense, there’s a whole different type of club sound coming from Baltimore being sparked into many different avenues now. Read more>>

Torbin Green

I started almost ten years ago, as a volunteer. Initially, when I first visited, I saw kids coming and going, treating the place like home. It was a good feeling and I instantly wanted to be a part of this. A few months in, I was hired as a teacher, being “thrown into the fire” with ten young kids who all had social and educational issues. This motivated me due to growing up dyslexic and having a teacher help me back then. As time went by, I ended up helping with program structure, youth behavior, Facilities, and the huge MSDE grant to manage and moved into the Operations & Program Director’s spot at SFNC. To date, I am now the Interim Executive Director. This was after helping to carry the Center on from its first phase of a Capital Campaign to expand and renovate to the present challenge to complete the campaign’s final phase. Read more>>

Tene’A Cummings

I started off as a little girl with a passion for beauty and performance. I loved expressing myself through means of personal style and creative expression. When everyone else in elementary wanted bows and curls in their hair, I wanted locs. I remember always getting teased for mixing prints, choreographing my own dance routines, and all-around just going against the grain of what was considered the norm. I think that’s where most of my confidence came from, proving myself right when others wanted me to be wrong. By high school, I had developed myself in performance activities like dance and cheerleading, thrift shopping became a huge influence on my personal style and identity. It was my senior year of high school that I decided I would study fashion in college. Though I did not graduate with a fashion degree, my personal style and identity attracted the likes of a lot of creatives in the DMV area and even outside of the state of Maryland and that’s where my career in content creating and freelance modeling came about. Read more>>

Eddie Kayne

In 2010, we started with The Eddie Kayne Show on the internet radio. We broaden our reach with a television show on the CW Network in 2013. Our goal was to highlight independent artists of all kinds worldwide. In 2016, we took The Eddie Kayne Show to CBS 46 in Atlanta, Georgia. During the time on network television in Washington DC and Atlanta GA, we were purchasing infomercial slots. The show was a success garnering between 14,000 – 21,000 viewers per episode in an overnight slot. This was unheard of for an independent television show. We always had dreams and ambitions of owning our own network. During the pandemic, we were able to make this dream come true. Our vision is to make Alley OOp Television the greatest assist to your entertainment needs. Taking the money we had saved up to purchase our first home, we decided to invest in our own business to leave a legacy for our children. Since then we have been offered partnership deals in the amount of upwards of $7 million dollars over seven years. Read more>>

Anita Riggs

I’ve always been a fan of the Arts. I’ve been doing some form of it for as long as I can remember. I’ve also been deeply immersed in Japanese Culture, Fandoms, and Pop Culture. When I graduated from college with my BA I had the unique opportunity to teach English in Japan as part of the JET program (Japan Exchange and Teaching). The only teaching program federally funded by Japan itself. Living in Japan gave me the chance to meet artistic people and along with teaching my fellow Jets put on international plays, I’ve sung at Japanese Weddings and most notably got me into Makeup Artistry. When I returned home I decided to pursue makeup freelance and eventually came across an article about Yaya Han. For all intense and purposes, the individual that kick-started the world of cosplay is well known for it. She cosplayed Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. I knew then, that I wanted to pursue Cosplay and all that entails. Read more>>

Keith Robinson

I bought my first camera back in 2017. Initially, I didn’t have any direction on where I wanted to take the art form. My brother La’Ron was a photographer prior and inspired me through his work. He taught me how manually work my camera and which lens I should be investing in. So, my friend Ibrahim and I started an Instagram page (censored dreams) just so we could take pictures of each other in order to post. As time went on, our drive to go out each weekend to take pictures of each other went away. I took a short break from taking pictures and even considered selling my camera during this time. In the middle of 2018, I was able to find my second wind during this time. I started involving myself in different meet-up groups with models and photographers to help build confidence and my portfolio. During the end of 2018, I turned (censored dreams) into my photography page. Things were going great for a while because I was meeting new people while falling in love with the craft. Read more>>

Jasmine Sterling

I am a mobile esthetician & aspiring influencer. I became an esthetician because I’ve always been passionate about my own skin, so I wanted to learn more to help other people with their skin concerns. I decided to make my business mobile for the convenience of my clients. For the clients with social anxiety, busy moms, and anyone who just doesn’t want to leave home more than they have to. I’m also working on becoming a full-time beauty/lifestyle influencer to promote self-care and wellness at affordable prices. Overall, I’m super passionate about helping people become their best selves on the inside and out. Read more>>

Monet Alexander

Born & raised in the Buckeye State. I grew up in a small town called North Linden, OH. Dance and Performing were a big focal point in my life and at a very young age, I grew to understand the importance of first impressions and self image. Growing up in one of the most prestigious dance studios in the country I was brought up to thrive in a competitive environment and I truly enjoyed being a part of a team. My dance family grew to become my second family and I always wanted to learn how to take those skill sets and transfer them into business. I went on to cheer and dance on a professional level and became the first and only African American to make the NFL Cincinnati, Bengals, and NBA Cleveland, Cavalier Girls dance team. While being a part of the Cavalier Organization I was asked to coach the Cavalier mini’s and I enjoyed learning about the operations on how to have a great show. Read more>>

Trish Kuebel

I have a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and have always been drawn to teaching and mentoring children and adults. I taught general education in a public elementary school setting for 15 years. For the past several years, I had the itch to expand my craft, but I didn’t know the “how” of actually leaving the classroom and starting a different pathway. I didn’t have the belief that change was actually possible. In May 2021, Life Coaching fell into my lap at just the right time in my life. Everything seemed so messy – my marriage, my relationship with my children, my schedule, my lack of self-care, my home, my decisions, my career, THE PANDEMIC. Need I say more? The life I had curated was no longer serving me in the way that I needed. It was perfect for my past self, but needed a bit of tweaking for my present self! Read more>>

Keith Montgomery

The graphic design sort of fell into my lap at a young age during the MySpace era. I started creating custom profile layouts and making fun image effects for friends and strangers alike. Before I started DesignsByKeith, I would sit and watch everyone start their business. I would watch designers and would be so frustrated. My exact words, “Mannn, I wish someone could just teach me the foundations… I self-taught myself graphic design and photoshop starting at the age of 18. I’ve never let the fact that I didn’t officially “study” graphic design at some fancy school stop me from becoming what I set out to be and with my constant hustler mentality and the Lord guiding my steps. Long nights… Setting my alarm at 1 AM to get up and do designs. Really grinding in the dark. Many commitments I made to myself to get where I am. The best part is that there are so many layers and I am learning every day. Read more>>

Shaun Abeokuto

Well, in 2015 after a suicide attempt, I knew I had a purpose and wanted to build something that would change people’s lives for the better. So I started riding bikes, and I became a cyclist. So I started Bike More Bmore one of the biggest bike groups in Baltimore City. I have been recognized by the major and different businesses throughout the city. I have helped people overcome their fears. I have even trained people to ride in marathons. Read more>>

Tierra Anderson

EZ Vein Mobile Phlebotomy Services was established by two board-certified practitioners with over 20 years of combined medical experience. We specialize in concierge-style in-home blood work collection and chronic disease management. In addition to various blood tests, we also can safely do COVID PCR and Antibody testing. Read more>>

Shanae Brock

My name is Shanae Brock and I was born and raised in the heart of Baltimore City (Latrobe Projects). My grandmother Carolyn Hodges was my everything. When I was born she brought me home from the hospital and raised me and my siblings as her own. I am the oldest of 5 on my maternal side. My grandmother gave her entire life to take care of my siblings and me. We had faced alot of adversity such as poverty, being dirt poor, donated clothing, etc. But my grandmother didn’t give up. She reached out to as many resources as she could to try and give us a better life. My grandmother became ill around 2013 but was in denial. She was a retired secretary for District Court. In 2015 she was diagnosed with Dementia, COPD, Alzheimer’s, and Depression. Read more>>

Ivy Rose Smith

In the Fall of 2013 during a rugby match, I sustained a pretty nasty head and neck injury. I developed seizure-like episodes, and constant migraines and my hands shook constantly. My vision also started to deteriorate: I had pressure on my optic nerve and had to get glasses for the first time. I felt like a stranger in my own body and was terrified that it would impact my ability to make art. I struggled for a long time in coming to terms with my injury. Then, in the Spring of 2016, everything changed. I was enrolled in a course called “The Artist Naturalist” in which we studied environmentalist artists and created art as a reflection of our observations of nature. Early on in the course, our professor was teaching us about how to use Micron Pens, specifically on Denril paper (Denril paper is opaque and slick). Our homework assignment was to draw straight lines on the paper without making them smudge. The assignment was difficult for your average bear but throw in shaky hands and it was nearly impossible. Read more>>

Jeff McMahon

Jeff McMahon is the President and Owner of Go Melvo Snoballs, a snowball truck company that has been serving the Baltimore/Annapolis area and Sussex County, DE beaches since 1994. Beginning with a single postal vehicle retrofitted to serve snowballs, Go Melvo started its journey in South Bethany Beach during the summer providing delicious, cold treats to locals and vacationers alike. Being instantly embraced by the community within the first few years. Go Melvo then expanded its fleet to 9 trucks in order to meet customer demands. By 2000, Go Melvo was a staple in the South Bethany community, as well as neighboring beach towns while continuing its expansion throughout Anne Arundel County, Baltimore, and Annapolis. As a few of the postal vehicles became unfit to drive, Go Melvo began converting old trucks to new trailers. This transition allowed us to travel further distances for larger events, notably youth lacrosse tournaments, expanding our business to neighboring states: VA, PA, and NJ. By the mid-2000s Go Melvo was operating simultaneously in 4 different states on big event weekends in June and July. Read more>>

Kia Alexander

I was born and raised in Baltimore City. I would love to tell you that I’ve been decorating for as long as I can remember. The truth of the matter is as a young child and in my adolescent years, I loved styling hair. I styled my friends hair, family members, neighbors, and especially my own. Everyone around me was confident that I’d pick a career as a hairstylist as an adult. When I reached high school, it was only fitting that I was excepted into the cosmetology program at Edmondson Westside High School. Despite having good educators, high school brought many challenges my way. Soon, styling hair became less of a priority in my life. I graduated high school and became employed. However, I had no real plans for my future. Many teenagers are raised with the push to attend college yet, not many are told to explore a plan B just in case college doesn’t work out. Read more>>

Katie Fitzpatrick

Hi! I’m Katie. I’m a 31-year-old marketer, 12X marathon finisher, indoor cycling coach, Ironman triathlon finisher, solo traveller, and soon-to-be author with a lot of big dreams. I wasn’t an athlete growing up. In high school, I left lacrosse try-outs half way through the first day because they wanted us to run two miles, so I traded my gear in for laid back spots in the ensembles of whatever musicals my school was putting on that year. I was on our tennis team, but was only known for my positive attitude and the time i sprained my ankle after stepping on a ball while running across the court. And in college, I didn’t even try to do anything remotely physical until my senior year. The only reason I ever got into running was because my friends and I thought signing up for a ten miler would be a fun way to get into shape before our spring break trip to jamaica. Read more>>

Zsudayka Nzinga

I’ve been an artist since I was a child. I was pushed to pursue academic goals but eventually started to give more attention to my art. I became an art teacher and crested arts programs for non profits and other organizations. But I really wanted to be a full time artist. I did a lot of festivals and sold my work on cups, shirts and all kinds of merchandise all over the country. I kept working on my art and working on my art. And now I live off my paintings. Read more>>

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