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Baltimore’s Most Inspiring Stories

The heart of our mission is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our communities. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some incredible artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with the incredible group below. Check out our favorite stories from across the Voyage family.

Katherine Picott

While I launched my business in June of 2020, Tidy Milso was in the making long before that. In February of 2017, my now-husband was away at basic training for the Army. During this time, I read a book as so many blogs and videos recommended. I came across “Live More, Want Less” by Mary Carlomagno and it was so compelling that I finished reading the book in a matter of days. With motivation from the book and in pursuit to stay busy, I re-organized and decluttered our home. My mindset was that this would not only occupy my time as I waited for his homecoming but it would be beneficial in case we had to relocate. Through several phone chats and video calls, we managed to get rid of 20+ bags of clothing and miscellaneous items. I can still remember the freeing feeling in keeping only the things we each desired.  So, when I stumbled upon “Tidying up with Marie Kondo” on Netflix and she defined that feeling as #SparkJoy everything clicked. After my husband and I paid off $86,335.04, my gift to myself was the KonMari® Consultant Certification Course. Read more>>

Agnes Traynor

When my now 15-year-old son was four, I set out looking for a flexible job that I could do while he was in preschool. I happened to stumble upon a ‘plant maintenance tech’ opportunity with a local plant design company. Basically, I went around to my assigned accounts and watered their plants. I learned a lot about indoor plant care and eventually worked my way up to managing a team of plant technicians. This opportunity allowed me to learn about the ins and outs of the interiorscape (interior plantscape) business and propelled me to start my own company in 2015.  At first, my business was mostly focused on maintaining commercial contracts and working on design projects for residential clients until the Panorama closed all those doors. After a brief panic moment, I decided to create an online plant shop and started making local contactless deliveries. I decided that I would sell my plants artfully paired with planters in my shop which quickly became an ‘all in one’ pandemic success and made me realize that I really liked the retail business as well as the creative outlet of working with different planters. This developed into a few really fun collaborations with local potters which was a saving grace during those isolated times. It allowed me to make connections that helped me grow as a person, artist, and business.  Read more>>

Ashleigh Bing

Growing up, I always watched my father document our family vacations, celebrations, and any other day for that matter. In 2011, I purchased a camera, it wasn’t my first camera, but it felt like my first REAL camera. Looking back, it was a super beginner level. Two months later I got laid off from my job. I never purchased the camera with the idea of becoming a photographer. I got it because I was interested in taking photos of my friends and family. I’ve always been someone who is extremely attached to memories. Who knew that this would be the turning point for my life?  After being laid off, I did sort of a brainstorming session. I thought about all the things that I enjoy doing. Taking photos continuously came to the top of my mind. I realize that I no longer wanted to work for somebody else who had the power to fire me when they felt they no longer needed me. Read more>>

Tom Wiggins

My interest in photography started as an adolescent in the late 1950’s with my first camera, a Kodak Brownie. Growing up in the New York City area my father’s and Uncle’s interests in photography was always present.  In the 1970s, I had a B&W darkroom in my home. I used a 35mm SLR and a 2 1/4 by 2 1/4 twin lens film cameras until the 90’s when my interest waned as my career and family occupied most of my time. In 2000, with the coming of digital photography, my interest in photography was reborn.  My portfolio includes flowers, landscapes, architecture, and travel. Over the past 20 years, travel to Europe and around the U.S. have provided many photographic opportunities. Sharp, clear, colorful images showing the world as it is with all its natural beauty is my goal.  I’m essentially a self-taught photographer but have taken several photography courses over the years.  Read more>>

Eva Griffith-Charlton

Originally, I was a full-time assistant for a physician for the last 21 years and I knew eventually she would retire, so I had to set a goal for my husband and I. I seen how much food trucks caused a big excitement so I said, “this is what I want to do”. Just talk which everyone was saying. However, I had no clue what to specialize in. Unfortunately, my husband late Aunt Doris Griffin passed in 2008 and she had given us her recipe for her burgers after she originally tasted mines. Lol, she said my burgers were good but honey you need to add this and that…. Of course, I won’t tell you her secret ingredients!! So, the decision of what to specialize in finally was set in stone after numerous attempts tweaking her recipe without changing her enhanced flavorings, gaining weight, hours and days of free taste testing we knew this would be the biggest hit ever.  Read more>>

Chichi Ononye

I started Supplechic in 2012 as an extension of my then YouTube Channel. I was about to start my first real job after graduating from undergrad and I wanted to show the world that you could have style no matter your size and budget! Back then there were very limited plus options that were both affordable and current! So, I spent a lot of time thrifting because as a mom of a toddler and a student I didn’t have a budget for much more!  Over the years the blog evolved from thrift finds to covering fashion events and conferences in the plus-size space from Full Figured Fashion Week to the Curvy Con to New York Fashion Week and more!  I have always loved fashion, as a child, I ditched my Barbies for my own D.I.Y. dolls in order to give them more clothing options and as a teenager, I was obsessed with the catwalks. I would stay up all night watching re-runs of fashion shows. At sixteen my goal was to become a fashion designer that created clothes for women with curves.  Read more>>

Nancy Travelladyshops

I’ve always loved to travel, fashion and photography. I would share my tips with my family, friends, colleagues, and FB followers. My mother passed in 2019 and six months later Travelladyshops was created as a way to honor my mother! She loved to travel, had a unique sense is style, and enjoyed taking photos! My goal is to encourage and inspire women of all ages to travel, find fun beautiful clothes and take their own photographs to save money and give them freedom when needed!. Read more>>

Ariel Ross

My journey towards becoming an entrepreneur and business owner is based around my family and the hardworking attitude they have instilled in me. I always knew growing up that I was a leader. On the soccer field I was typically selected as captain of the teams I was on and played an active role in motivating my teammates. Playing sports growing up helped define my purpose, my passion for achievement, and helped me understand the importance of teamwork. As a young adult, I got into teaching yoga and I learned the art of communication, and got to watch how my own personal energy could affect those around me. I highly enjoyed teaching yoga but knew that I wanted to pursue further education. I went on to finish my undergraduate degree in Kinesiology at Towson University, where I worked on a research study with older adults. I really enjoyed applying my “sports like” tactics to this population, as well as, some of the relaxation techniques I learned in my yoga teacher training.  Read more>>

Steve Kenney

We’re three musicians (Steve Kenney on guitar and vocals, Nik Kosmas on bass and vocals, and Adam Miller on drums) that have performed around the Baltimore and DC area over the last decade. We all have a love for blues, rock, and RnB and started playing together in late 2019. We had our first show on March 13, 2020, just three days before lockdowns hit, and while we only got to play one show, we really enjoyed it and could feel a sense of chemistry between the three of us.  We were fortunate enough to be in contact with Sun Rider 9 Productions, based in Catonsville, Maryland, who gave us the opportunity to get back into the local music scene. We’re very excited to see them growing the live music scene in Catonsville with local businesses such as 818 Market, State Fare, and Caton Tavern. Read more>>

Mia Dabney

My business partner, Dominique, and I embarked on our entrepreneurial journey in early 2018. We had recently completed graduate school and were discussing what we planned to do next. What started off as a casual conversation between two really good friends, turned into a brainstorming session on how to start a business. To our surprise, we both had a desire to create a clothing line. We agreed that attending an HBCU in undergrad (shoutout to the illustrious Morgan State University) pushed us to build a business that would embrace our culture. We wanted to create a brand that encourages being unapologetically Black, a motto that was instilled in us at our alma mater. Fast forward to a few months later, Melanated Daze was born. We recently celebrated our three-year anniversary on October 5th!.  Read more>>

Brittany Amora Coleman

Wanderful Boutique was founded in 2019 by founder and CEO Brittany Amora. As an avid traveler, Brittany has visited many counties in search of adventure, fun, and the best places to shop fashionable and unique pieces. In 2019, the innovative entrepreneur merged her love of fashion and passion for travel to create Wanderful a unique travel, fashion, and lifestyle brand that caters to women on the go. Brittany believes that life is an adventure so we should all look good along the way. In addition to clothing, the Wanderful Brand has expanded to travel planning and self-care retreats for women. It is her goal to help women build a wardrobe that is stylish and functional for all of life’s adventures and also create a community of travel fashionistas!.  Read more>>

Christopher Bowman

Wassup my name’s Christopher Bowman I’m a creative from East Baltimore. I started barely human in 9th grade when I noticed everyone around me wearing the same clothing; So, I said to myself “man I could make way better clothes than that so I did it. I began painting jeans I bought from the thrift store & selling them on the bus. Once I started getting into the streetwear business I found myself in love with the craft & now almost 8 years later I was able to make my streetwear company official.  Read more>>

Ashley Gross

Ever since I can remember I was a part of the creative / performing community. I grew up dancing and performing and always wanting to create things. Whether it was paintings, coffee coasters for the parents, cards for every holiday, or an artsy PowerPoint presentation for a class project; creating has always been in me. When I started at Towson University, I picked up modeling as a hobby and joined one of the teams, The Modelz of Distinction. I quickly learned that modeling takes a lot more than just having a pretty face. Modeling requires dedication, practice, commitment, research, and much more. While on the team I took on administrative positions such as fundraising chair, and secretary. In these roles, I was first introduced to the REAL business of fashion. The first thing that hit me is that the industry folk are ruthless and it takes a tough cookie to make it big in the modeling world. You also have to know how to effectively communicate with people no matter how big their personality may be. With that being said, we put on some amazing fashion shows and I wanted more.  Read more>>

Karlen Williams

We are a family venue that began with my dream of hosting weddings. We are a rustic-chic barn venue. The farm was my grandparents’ farm when I was growing up, it was sold out of the family when they passed away, but my husband and I had the opportunity to purchase the farm 16 years ago. I always wanted to host weddings, we also improved our family and had 4 babies in 5 years. As our children got older the dream seemed closer. We began improvements and requirements and are now booking into our 5th season. The name of our venue came from that story, we are Heritage Restored.  Read more>>

India Lindsey

India Lindsey, known to most as the Revenue Generation Coach, is a millennial author, serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist who teaches biz-owners innovative and futuristic ways to make money. A Baltimore native who now resides in the Queen City, Ms. Lindsey has employed her prowess as a digital marketer to help hundreds of people start, automate, and scale their business.  India has been on a mission to combat poverty since her undergraduate days, as she started a laundry service for college athletes; she then established TheDailyVirgo, a lifestyle-based clothing line + community where people can virtually convene to celebrate Virgos world-wide. After launching these profitable side-hustles, Ms. Lindsey noticed that applying for a job wasn’t her forte. Instead, she found innate success in trailblazing her own path to prosperity. After graduating from Seton Hill University with a degree in Corporate Communication, India quickly realized that she was a marketing maven, so she embraced her calling as an entrepreneur, and her revenue has been ringing off the hook ever since!.  Read more>>

Amber Gillian

When I graduated high school, I just knew that I was going to be a stockbroker working on Wall Street. While completing my B.S. in Business Management and Economics, I became the mother to a perfect little girl. Although she wasn’t initially part of the plan, mothering my daughter changed my life. I learned about the vast sacrifices that women make to grow people. Motherhood is beautiful chaos; however, far too often, womanhood is left behind. As I completed my M.S. in Counseling Psychology and became a licensed mental health therapist, I learned effective ways to give marginalized women their voices back. When I picked up my first DSLR in 2009, I just wanted to document moments in my daughter’s life. However, I soon realized the healing power of creating intimate portraits. Gillian Phototherapy was born from love, light, and therapy.  Read more>>

Slikk Flock

I got into music after high school I didn’t know where my future was heading had no idea what was next for me. I always had love for music but never had intentions on rapping I got into because of friends and family. I had the opportunity to open up for mainstream artists. I went through a lot of trials and errors in this profession but never gave up because this is what I love with a passion. I always wanted to be more than just an artist so that’s why I created my own clothing merch to become more of a businessman.   Read more>>

Courtney Mailey

There are many starts along the way before a project becomes visible to the rest of the world. It’s a puzzle. Each time you find another piece of the idea, the excitement keeps you moving forward.  After I finally decided to give cider a try and quit my stable job, I went to cider school, Then I became an apprentice at Albemarle CiderWorks near Charlottesville, Va. The first was to begin learning what I didn’t know and the second was to begin filling the gaps of the things I knew I didn’t know about cidermaking on a commercial scale.  After the apprenticeship wrapped up, I wrote a business plan and raised some funds, and got started. I was a first-time business owner and even business school doesn’t fully prepare you for the endless decision-making and adapting that is necessary for a startup company. We have has so many great people work for Blue Bee Cider over the years. I feel really lucky in that way. The team that runs the show and the customers who we serve are at the crux of the cidery. Our passion for fine ciders is what holds all together.  Read more>>


DJ Que Eleven

Growing up on the south side of Chicago watching my cousins form a singing group and I saw how exciting the music industry was and how it became a part of everyday life for them I knew that I wanted to do something in music not sing or rap but really have role that allows me to control the soundtrack and the vibe of a room or crowd so I decided I would study music and practice my craft. I briefly intern with DJ Gemini at 93.9 WKYS he taught me the basics and what I really should use and what’s industry standard. I was attending Bowie State University at the time I was one of the radio personalities on WBSU 90.5 I interviewed local artists and state delegates. I began my broadcast career on Bowie States campus. I would connect with talented artists like Wale, Mya, Tabi Bonney, SyceGame, and Charles Jean-Pierre.   Read more>>


David Thurston

I was born and raised in Baltimore. I am married to my high school sweetheart, who is an incredibly supportive and loving woman, named Laura. We raised three sons together and formed Crown Title Corporation in 1992 after I graduated from University of Baltimore School of Law. I also formed my own law / CPA practice (The Law Offices of David L. Thurston) at the same time. The plan was to practice law and have the title company supplement and support the law firm. The title company ended up growing so fast, due to superior customer service an our willingness to expand geographically, that it became my primary focus. Over the years, we developed strong relationships with small regional banks, large national lenders, and local real estate professionals – the business took off. We now run a large, multi-state title, escrow, and settlement company out of our Baltimore office, that services residential and commercial clients nationwide. I now employ a team of 45 locally, with several satellite branches up and down the east coast. My passion outside of my business is basketball. I coached AAU basketball for many years while my kids were growing up.  Read more>

Russell Bunn

I was born and raised within Baltimore, MD. I attended school within Baltimore City, and Baltimore County. Through all of my experiences in life, values were always imperative to my everyday life. I am a black man who was born and originally raised in an East Baltimore Public housing complex. For several years the section that I played, frequented, and learned about life and culture was called Death Valley. The nickname was given because the actual Street was Valley Street, but the amount of death and crime that occurred in the area made the name a natural fit. I was exposed to drugs and crime at a young age. I witnessed my first murder at 2 years old (too young to remember, but it certainly wouldn’t be my last time witnessing murder), where a gentleman asked my father to pick me up for safety, while he shot and killed one of my neighbors. These kinds of altercations occurred consistently. Drugs and crime engulfed my family so much to the point where it seeped into my own household. Police raids, visual of drug paraphernalia, and weapons are stained memories from my childhood. Read more>>

Mel Brennan

When I was young, I always knew I was adopted, but I don’t remember being told. It was just naturally socialized by my parents. When I was young and told other kids I was adopted, many of them reacted negatively in lots of different ways. Some just wouldn’t believe me. Others would say, “You think you’re special?” It was confusing and sometimes isolating to feel different in that way from kids my own age. Then, in second grade, a girl named Erika helped me see their teasing in a new way. “People don’t like that your parents chose you,” she said. “Most kids don’t get to be chosen.” It was one of the earliest pieces of wisdom I received. I’ve recently been exploring information about my biological parents. (Trigger warning) After five decades of not knowing, I learned that I was conceived through sexual assault, and my mother made the decision to bring me to term, after which I was placed in foster care. My (adoptive) parents took me out of that situation and setting, and out of the life-diminishing statistics found therein, and set me on a separate path.  Read more>>

Alise Hicks

Last year August I found out I was pregnant with my beautiful baby girl and was working full time from home. With the extensive amount of time, I had home, I really did research on a great craft and hobby that I felt I could be good at. So, I started buying some inventory and began my journey. After my first two products were created and people really loved the creative work I did, I created my bling business.  Read more>>

Titi Sule

Zaki and Zoltan Adventure series was created to educate children about countries and cultures around the world. It started from my desire to want to educate my children about my home country of Nigeria. So, the first book created was Zaki and Zoltan Adventures – A Trip to Nigeria. The series continued as books starting in 2017 and then in 2019, we expanded to include short music videos for younger children who are not yet of reading age. Today, I have written 4 children’s books in this series for children age 6 and above and have created over 10 videos on the YouTube channel for kids age 2 and above. We currently have over 24,000 views with 100+ subscribers. We are excited to cover as many countries as possible.  Read more>>

Dorien Murphy

In 2015, I joined the nutrition services team at a D.C.-based hospital. I interacted with patients with varying ailments requiring specific meal plans because of their dietary restrictions and/or food allergies during my time there. These patients often looked like me, which prompted me to ask myself the question, “how can we make the food fresh and flavorful while maintaining its nutrients”? “How can I show people of color that these foods will taste just as good without the additives.”  During the same timeframe, I would often be asked to cater a small meal for family or friends. I started to put together a strategy to engineer menus, gather ingredients/equipment, and execute events. I knew I could succeed doing this because of my formal hospitality training at The Baltimore International College and Morgan State University, my industry connections, and my background in luxury hotels and high-end restaurants.  From there, all of those ideas culminated in Cheffin.   Read more>>

Sarah Jackson

4DMV Kids started as an idea in June of 2020 that morphed into a Facebook Group. I had so much information to share with parents on events and things going on around the DMV that I thought just posting to my timeline would soon annoy my non-parent friends. So, I decided to start a Facebook Group dedicated to sharing events, activities, and things to do around the DMV area. When I say DMV, I mean from Baltimore to Waldorf, from NoVA to Fredericksburg, and sometimes even beyond. I intend to represent at least a little of every corner of the DMV.  I recently created an Instagram page and use the platform to showcase not only my own experiences but other bloggers, companies’ and venues’ that cater to families in the area. The ultimate goal of 4DMV Kids is to enhance the accessibility of kid-friendly events, activities, and things to do in the DMV and to one-day open community centers throughout the area. Even though I’m still in the very early stages, it has helped tremendously to have the support of not only friends and family but also fellow bloggers, small businesses, and creative partners.  Read more>>

Brittany Brown

I grew up in West, Baltimore city in the late ’80s. 1st child to a black 16-year-old single mother. Growing up my mother battled drug addiction until I was about 13. I was raised by my aunt (mostly) who worked crazy hours to provide for her daughter and I. We were raised as sisters. Although I never received Dance instruction, until high school, it was something that came natural to me as a young child. I used dance and music as a form of therapy and a great escape from the struggles of maneuvering through life in poverty and absent parents. I’m high school, it was my very first dance teacher Ms. Lawson and high school cheer coach Ms. Robins, that made me aware that I had a gift and helped me to flourish. Later in life, I became a mom to Jacob (12, kind, intelligent, attends private school, amazing kid) and I became more inspired, driven, and optimistic with my life and the direction that it was going. I went on to teach ALS, K-5th grade, and beach Cheer coach for hcpss for 8+ years.  Read more>>

Sameeha Bricklemyer

I started my career in graphic design working at a government agency, feeling unfulfilled with the work I was doing. I’ve always loved creating custom gifts and keepsakes for friends and family, and in 2012 I decided to start an Etsy shop, The Inked Leaf. The name was inspired by my design process – I start each custom piece with an ink pen and a leaf of paper.  In my first year, I made 35 sales of personalized artwork and portraits, and I realized how much I loved creating custom gifts for people. The feedback I received from clients about how personal and emotional these keepsakes were brought me so much joy. I spent most of my free time filling orders and creating new custom offerings for my shop. In two years, I was averaging over 200 orders a month and was able to quit my day job and focus on The Inked Leaf full-time.  Read more>>

Veronica Gonzalez

I started about 3 years ago with my platform the Vero G. Spotlight TV Show working with my producer/manager JM Empire Media. Which provides a platform for all independent artists to have their shine their moment to be heard. Since then, it has branched off to Radio and now Magazine. We do showcases state to state. There is more to come. Besides that, I am an entrepreneur, artist, model, poet, author, screenwriter, TV/ Radio Personality, and much more. Read more>>


Lauren Beacham

After I finished obtaining my BFA in Fine Art Photography and Computer Imaging, I got a job as an art gallery director and needed a little extra money on the side. At the time, my boyfriend (now husband) and I were living in the back of the house of one of our friends trying to save some money. So, I carved out a corner of our office to start building a side hustle, which eventually became my full-time job! It started off using my original Polaroid artwork in jewelry form; but as the medium died off in the market during this process, I took my accessory design skills and shifted gears into another subject I am passionate about – space exploration. Little did I know how popular this would be and it would soon launch my business into a whole new world (no pun intended)! Nearly 15 years later, I’m partnered with some of the most prominent space nonprofits, sci-comm orgs, and science museums in the country, and a leader in the celestially inspired accessories market!. Read more>>

Derrick Wright

Born and raised in Baltimore I have seen and experienced a lot. One of the scariest nights of my life was being held and robbed at gunpoint by masked individuals. At the peak of the pandemic in Baltimore, I was working an overnight weekend job. One night, as I was on lunch break, I was robbed at gunpoint. Two individuals with guns ambushed me, pinned me to a wall, and proceeded to steal all my belongings. They stole the shoes from my feet, my electronic devices on person, and even my BMW with all my small business equipment inside (cameras, lenses, drone, etc.). I went to Baltimore Police Department and they were pretty much helpless as they did not put forth any effort to support me or investigate throughout the entire process. This situation served as a wake-up call because I realized that I must be my own first responder and be more aware of what’s going on around me at all times. Today, I am a certified firearms instructor teaching people firearms safety skills and self/home defense tactics in the Baltimore area.  Read more>>

Tiara Pitt

My interest in pursuing a real estate career sparked when I was an undergraduate at Stevenson University. But I didn’t actually pursue real estate as a career until a year ago during the pandemic. The pandemic allowed me the necessary time to focus on myself and my interest. I’ve always said that I was looking for a career that allowed me the freedom to manage my time and have control over my business. So yes, getting started as a realtor and building my business was scary and still is. I have to be more mindful of how I monitor and run my business, especially for tax purposes… we aren’t getting audited over here! Lol.  Being a full-time Realtor is challenging yet rewarding. I have no doubt that I will succeed in my business because I continue to educate myself and push through!. Read more>>

Shannon Lewis and Brenna Middleton

When the pandemic first started, is when BmoreCheeseboards was brought to life. Being restaurant servers at the time, we were recently laid off due to the pandemic. With lots of spare time to think and visualize what this business could become, we started out by making our BmoreCheeseboards Instagram. After we created the Instagram, we started playing around with different ideas that would set our boards aside from the rest. Fast forward to present day, we have partnered with small businesses in the Baltimore area and make custom boards for customers’ events/parties.  Read more>>

Courtney O’Neal

In 2015, I launched Courted as a mobile-style service for women and men in the DMV area. At that time, I worked solely in Washington, D.C. by day and in the presence of the country’s policymakers. This moment in my life connected to fashion & style with communication for me because I saw the power of presentation, it created opportunities.  Read more>>

Nesh Kapesh

I was just a young “girly girl” who wanted to find out how ART, itself could have so many lanes, similarities, and limitless varieties in the world. I’ve always been different, talented, and creative so the love for what I wanted to do was second nature to me. I began drawing, dancing, and modeling at a young age which boosted me to be behind the scenes and prepping myself for everything I wanted for my future. Beauty was a plus, but having a family that reminded you constantly “you’re beautiful”, “you’re intelligent” and always being in my corner to push me to go for whatever my dreams were and more helped me become the confident woman I am today. By the time I got to high school, I fell in love with another entity of ART… Makeup! I used to play in my mother’s makeup all the time and watched her when she was getting ready to go out, and I remember mimicking what I saw her do on myself.  Read more>>

Marissa Walch

I started working in the fitness/wellness industry in college teaching at the UNCW recreation center in 2007 – Graduated college and went full time into teaching classes, working the front desk of gyms, yoga training, etc. while living in Wilmington, NC and continuing that journey when we moved to Baltimore  Certified and trained in spin, TRX, Yoga, SUP Yoga, Group Fitness, and Personal Training which allowed me to safely and professionally do it all, it’s a good reason why I never get bored because I get to do something different every day  From individual training and group fitness, I got into teaching larger themed classes and events with companies, local business and creating them myself as well as my YouTube channel  Taught for the 4-day Wanderlust Festivals, started working with brand sponsorships and influencer gigs.  Read more>>

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